Treatment time

The treatment time is often about 18 months. In mild malocclusions the treatment time can be a little shorter. More complicated cases can sometimes take more than 24 months to correct. 

First visit – examination

The first visit inlcudes a thorough clinical examination (parents of guardians are advised to accompany the children for the first visit). The examination includes x-rays, photographs and in some cases casts or scans of the teeth. The visit takes 45-60 minutes. 

Treatment planning

Based on the results from the examination and x-rays we create a treatment plan and in most cases fixed appliance in both jaws are required. We always explain the treatment plan thoroughly, and then the treatment can begin. See “treatment” for more information. The treatment is planned either at the first visit or at a follow-up appointment 4-6 weeks later. 

Treatment – Attaching the appliance

The brackets are bonded to the teeth and then the archwire is inserted in the brackets. The archwire becomes active and starts moving the teeth. Some pain in the teeth ans sore lips can occure the first days after insertion . These discomforts fade/dissapear with time. The appliance is attached 4-6 weeks after the treatment planning. In cases where teeth have to be removed , this time may be slightly longer. Attaching the appliance takes about 45-60 minutes. 

Control visits

Initially visits are scheduled every 8-10 weeks. Later during the treatment visits are made more frequently, every 4-6 weeks, to control and activate the appliance. 

The importance of oral hygiene

Good oral hygiene is very important and your teeth must be brushed very thoroughly as food/plaque easily get stuck in or adjacent to the appliance. Take your time and use the recommended toothbrushes. We also recommend using fluoride toothpaste and fluoride mouthwash.

Food restrictions 

Do not eat hard, sticky and chewy candies! Also, be careful with hard things like apples, pears, raw carrots and crisp bread. These must be cut into pieces before they are eaten.