We have a close and professional collaboration with other specialists, mainly oral- and maxillofacial surgeons for cases that require surgery and prosthodontists when teeth need to be replaced or adjusted.

General practitioners are important collaboration partners as they regularly meet their patients and can determine whether the patients need to be referred to an orthodontist.

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  • About us

    Our private orthodontic practice is situated in Helsingborg.
    Currently employing 2 specialists in orthodontics, Anna Brechter (DDS, PhD, Specialist in Orthodontics) and Houda Ghiasi (DDS, Specialist in Orthodontics), 2 orthodontic assistents and 2 orthodontic dental nurses.

  • Our Address

    Anna Brechter Ortodonti AB

    Bernhold Ortodonti AB
    Ekslingan 10
    254 67 HELSINGBORG

    Entrance from Kanongatan!
    Tel: +46 42 146927

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